Integrate Windows Phone and Office 365

One of the most common complaints smartphone owners have is that it’s tough to get the phone to seamlessly sync with their computer. If your business uses Microsoft Office 365, there aren’t many tools or apps that allow you to use all the features on your smartphone. If you’re a Windows phone user, you’re in luck as your phone has built in features that allow you to use Office 365.

If you would like to connect Office 365 with your Windows phone, follow these steps:

Please be aware that these instructions are for Windows Phone version 7.5. If you are running an earlier version, it is recommended that you upgrade to version 7.5 first.

  1. On your Windows Phone press Settings followed by Email and Accounts.
  2. Tap Add an Account and select Outlook. This is a catchall for any email service that uses Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 included.
  3. Enter your Office 365 email address and password, and your Windows Phone will automatically configure your account.
  4. After the configuration is complete, a window will pop up informing you that your Office 365 email and SharePoint Online Team site have been set up on your phone. You’ll also be able to download Microsoft Lync 2010 from the Marketplace if you need it.

When you return to the home screen, you’ll notice that an Office 365 email tile has been placed at the bottom of the screen. It’s a good idea to go into the Email settings on your phone (follow step 1 above) and adjust the settings to your needs. For example, your email account will automatically be named Outlook. To re-name it tap on Outlook and select Account Name.

From the Settings page you’ll also be able to select which Office 365 services you want your phone to sync with e.g., contacts. By default your contacts will show up in your People hub. If you don’t want your contacts to sync, you can deselect it from this page.

If you use Office 365 and a Windows Phone you’ll find that the integration is near seamless. If you would like to learn more about Windows Phone or any other Windows product, we’re here to help.

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