Update Business Processes for ERP

Remote operations, home-based workers and accelerating customer expectations are changing the way we do business. The business processes that supported one team in one location won’t provide the best support for the extended workplace. An ERP implementation provides a unique opportunity to take a new look at processes and refresh the whole organization.

The first step in redefining business processes is for each department to identify the tasks that require coordination and collaboration between multiple individuals or groups. Then, define the challenges of the current process – where is communication breaking down and what are the ramifications?

Remote employee training example
Let’s use an example of a business that needs to train employees regularly on new products.  The review identifies the following problems at each step:

  • Coordinate attendance and logistics Difficulty setting training dates without a number of scheduling iterations. Manual processes required to identify those employees who need training.
  • Travel to training Loss of employee productivity by taking attendees away from their jobs. Increased burden on attendees to coordinate travel planning.
  • Evaluate performance – Attendee and instructor test scores manually consolidated from Word and analyzed in Excel.

Impact of the problems
Once the problems have been identified, you can start on the path to correction.  It will be helpful to define the impacts of the problems, so that you can prioritize the importance. Impacts from our example would include:

  • Increasing time and resources required to coordinate training and logistics as the company grows.
  • Increasing costs of attendee travel as more employees require training.
  • Data entry errors resulting from manual processes.

With clear definitions of the problems you are experiencing and the impact on the business, you can begin to evaluate ERP solutions.  A spreadsheet or other template can help organize and communicate your findings. Working with an ERP partner, you can determine the best way to automate the processes that are really holding back your teams.

Is it time for you to revisit your business processes? Let’s talk about how Microsoft Dynamics ERP can help your team improve efficiency and productivity.

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