Make the Transition to a Connected Organization

Today’s social connectedness, mobile devices and instant interaction, “any time, any place” are changing the way your customers live and work. To remain competitive, your business needs to adapt to the new reality.

Connect People Inside and Outside of the Organization
Traditional business management applications are passive, backward-looking systems that report on the results of past activity. That’s no longer enough for businesses that want to actively engage with employees and customers. Systems need to connect information to provide insight into performance, as well as the interactions between people.

Business management systems of the future need to incorporate communication with transactions, helping customers to make the right decisions. Collaboration must be linked to production to coordinate workers who are not in the same room. Reporting has to evolve from tracking past results to visualizing future opportunities.

Unified Business Management
From email to voice to video, from presence to social – business management solutions, including ERP and CRM, should help connected organizations to:

  • Leverage the exploding number of channels to connect with customers, at the time and place of their choosing.
  • Create an inclusive, listening organization by extending collaboration scenarios that exist internally to include customers.
  • Evolve from an organization that engages with individual customers, to one that leverages the crowd to benefit the brand.

Connected organizations remove impediments that separate information from the people who need it. They foster internal and external connections that inspire innovation and improve productivity. Unified business management systems support connected businesses by providing insight that people need to make better, more informed decisions.

Microsoft has just released a white paper entitled “Dynamic Business: From Aspiration to Reality” to share the vision of how businesses can adapt to the new social realities. Download the white paper and let’s talk about how business solutions built to support innovation could help you build a connected organization.

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