How to Make MS Dynamics More Efficient

Every business’s clients/customers are its key to survival. As such, businesses have been focusing on Customer Relationship Management to ensure they keep up to date with all their customers. To do this, they have been using programs like Microsoft Dynamics CRM – is your business using Dynamics CRM?

Last year, Microsoft released the online version of its popular Microsoft Dynamics CRM software, taking advantage of cloud services and giving users the ability to access the software from anywhere. With the release came the same features as the offline version, plus some extra ones. Here are four features you can take advantage that’ll make using CRM Online that much more efficient.

Set Personal Default View
If you use or view one section more than others, say that the majority of your work is done with accounts, you can set CRM Online to open to accounts.

  • Choose which folder or heading you’d like to serve as your default.
  • Click the View tab, and select Set As Default View in the top left of the screen (just under File).

Enable Additional Languages
When you first start a new account with CRM Online, you will be asked to pick the main operating language. Microsoft calls this the Base Language. It is the language the system will work in unless otherwise specified. Once this has been set, you can’t change it, you can however change the language of CRM Online’s display and help screens, or add another language. This is useful for businesses that have a multinational working environment and want to give their employees an easier way to communicate.

To enable different languages:

  • Click: Settings select System followed by Administration.
  • You’ll see a Languages option, click it.
  • In the page that opens, you’ll see a list of languages along with their status. Click the box beside the language you’d like to enable.
  • Press Apply and the language’s status will change to enabled.

Once you’ve enabled the language, you can change Online CRM to show the new language by:

  • Click File and select Options.
  • In the window that opens, select Languages.
  • You can select to change the User Interface Language (display language) and help language here.
  • Click OK and you’ll see the interface has changed.

However, you won’t be able to change the language unless you are a system administrator.

Save CRM Shortcuts in Outlook
Did you know that you can jump to folders in CRM Online from Outlook? It can be done by using Shortcuts.

  • Open Outlook, and look for Shortcuts in the navigation pane (typically on the left).
  • There’ll be space below shortcuts, so right-click on Shortcuts and select New shortcut. You can also hit “S”.
  • A popup window will open displaying a list of options. Find your Online CRM organization name and press the white triangle beside it to open a list of subfiles.
  • Find the file or location you want, select it and press OK. You’ll now see the location under Shortcuts in Outlook.

Sharing Charts
Often you’ll be working on a project and be asked by colleagues how you made the chart, or if you could share the chart with them. Instead of sitting down and showing, step-by-step, how you made the chart, you can share it with them as long as they are also Online CRM users:

  • Find the chart you’d like to share, click Charts at the top to display only charts. This’ll make it easier to find the chart if you also have other files in the same folder.
  • Press Click here to view the chart on the right of your screen.
  • Under the Chart ribbon, you’ll see the Share button. Click it.
  • A new window will open, select Add User/Team.
  • From this window you’ll be able to search for teams and people to share the chart with. Click the box beside their names, followed by Add and then OK.
  • The people will show up in the previous window with share options. Click which permission you’d like to give the people, followed by OK.

The users you have shared the chart with will now be able to see it.

There are many other features in Online CRM and we would be happy to help you discover them. If you would like to learn more, please contact us.

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