Gmail as Your Default Email Client

Email is probably one of the most basic but also essential parts of communication for any business. Whether that communication is within the organization or outside of it, email is almost always plays a large role. Which is why the folks at Google thought it prudent to make it easier for people to use Gmail as their default email client.

You have to give it to the guys at Google to always think of something new — some innovative way to better integrate their apps.

Before, sending an email through Gmail was a bit long-winded. You had to copy the email address, open Gmail manually, and then paste it onto the ‘To:” bar. Now, this is a lot easier. With the new upgrade to Gmail that allows it to be used in tandem with most Internet browsers, it’s much easier to make Gmail your default email client.

For Google Chrome
Open Chrome, log into your Gmail account, and click on ‘Yes’ when asked if you want Gmail to become your default email client. Now, whenever you click on an email link when using Chrome, it will automatically open the “Compose” page of your Gmail account.

For Firefox
Open Firefox, go to the ‘Tools’ menu (or click on the Firefox button) and select ‘Options’. Under ‘Applications’, and then select ‘mailto’ under ‘Content Type’. Next, under ‘Actions’, select Gmail as the default email client.

For Internet Explorer
If you are a user of Internet Explorer, you’ll have to download the Gmail Notifier, a toolbar from Google. Install the toolbar and have it select Gmail as your default email client.

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