Google Docs Going Offline?

Google is a company known for its apps featuring integration with the cloud, and many companies have been eagerly taking advantage of these apps. One of these apps, Google Docs, has quickly become an important business app giving users the ability to share, edit, and collaborate on a large variety of documents. Recently Google released Google Docs for the Android OS, giving Android users the ability to access and edit their files on their devices, provided they have a data connection or access to Wi-Fi.

There is one problem, however. From time to time, users will travel to locations where they don’t have a data connection but need to read a document. Google has recently released an update to the app, allowing users to read, edit, and draft documents on their phone while offline. When the user connects to Wi-Fi any changes made or documents developed will be updated automatically.

To view documents while offline:

  1. When you are connected to the internet, open Google Docs on your Android device.
  2. Press on the document’s title until a new menu opens.
  3. Select ‘Make available offline’ from the menu.

Any document you select will now be available when you’re not connected to the internet.

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