Office 365: Manage Sender Limits

When you sign up for Office 365 it’s important to understand the sender limits restrictions and how they could affect your business. In a 24 hour period, each Office 365 account can send to a maximum of 500 recipients (1500 for Enterprise). For most users it’s never an issue, but if your business sometimes sends mass email there’s an easy way to manage the restriction.

While many small businesses evaluate moving their productivity applications to the cloud, it’s important to understand and manage restrictions that may affect your business processes. The Sender Limit in Office 365 was set up to deter spammers from abusing Microsoft’s cloud solution. A noble cause we can all support. But some organizations have legitimate reasons to send bulk emails from one account.

Distribution Groups count as one recipient
By using distribution groups you can easily stay under the 500 recipient limit even when you need to send the same email to a large group. Use distribution groups or dynamic distribution groups when you send messages to large numbers of recipients. Groups are counted as a single recipient toward the Sender Limit.

For example, if you send a message to 100 recipients by adding each of those recipients on the To:, Cc:, or Bcc: fields, that counts as 100 recipients toward the recipient rate limit. But if you add those same 100 recipients to a distribution group or dynamic distribution group, and then send the same message to the group, that counts as one recipient toward the recipient rate limit.

Most organizations already use distribution groups to streamline email productivity. With Office 365, you may want to build a few more internal or external groups to manage the number of recipients for high volume email senders. A little planning can eliminate any concerns about the daily Sender Limit.

Office 365 is a cost effective solution that can fuel growth by retaining capital for your small business. We’ll be happy to sit down with you and talk about solutions that support the growth and success of your business.

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