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5 Benefits of Managed Services

With IT’s ever-changing and ever evolving demands, it’s important that businesses, especially those with fewer resources, be able to keep themselves up to date – and there’s no better, more efficient, and more cost-effective solution than Managed Services. Many large businesses prefer the use of Managed Services to meet their IT needs, but many smaller […]

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Set which Desktop Applications will Open on Mac OSX Lion

The Mac introduced the concept of using multiple “Desktops” (previously called “Spaces”) using Lion’s Mission Control application. Using Mission Control, you can specify which desktop applications will automatically open in which desktops by default. To set your preferences, select and right-click (or ctrl+click or two-finger click) on an application in the Dock, then select the […]

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ERP Fuels Best-in-Class Performance

In a recently released white paper, the Aberdeen Group looks at the benefits that SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) are realizing through their implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). The report provides an in-depth evaluation of the processes, procedures, and technologies that SMEs are using to achieve best-in-class performance compared to their peers. Best-in-Class Performance […]

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LinkedIn is More Than It Appears

For businesses, social networks like Facebook and Twitter can be used to connect your businesses with the general public. But through a unique social networking platform called LinkedIn, you have access to a symposium or conference of sorts, where you can connect with fellow professionals and businesses. Among the many social networks on the World […]

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Build Professional Links with LinkedIn

While businesses benefit from using popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter, a different kind of social network called LinkedIn helps businesses in a different way. Allowing you to connect to fellow professionals or businesses, LinkedIn is definitely a unique social network that businesses cannot afford to ignore. Among the many social networks on the […]

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Why LinkedIn is Good For Business

With social networks like Facebook and Twitter on the rise, businesses must be able to utilize them to their advantage. One social network, LinkedIn, offers unique benefits since it is specifically targeted toward professionals and businesses. Among the many social networks on the World Wide Web today, one stands out from the pack: LinkedIn. It […]

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Set Switch Preference to Orientation Lock or Mute on Your iPad

If you use an iPad, there is a switch conveniently located at the right side of the device which you can set to either lock the orientation of the screen or to mute the audio when you slide the switch—depending on your preference. To set your preference, go to Settings > General, and under the […]

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Avoiding Four EMR Implementation Mistakes

Electronic medical record (EMR) implementation has the potential to be an arduous process, in part because medical practices tend to make four major mistakes when transitioning from paper-based records: mismatching IT, misplacing resources, ignoring accountability, and mismanaging logistics. Below we outline those mistakes and explain how you can avoid them. Mistake #1: Mismatching IT. According […]

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Support Remote Workers for Improved Productivity

As the economy recovers and workers become more secure with their employment, it’s important to provide options that will keep your workers happy and productive. With the right support, working from home or remote locations can be just as productive as being in the office. In fact, many workers say they can get more done […]

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Managing Change in EMR Implementation

When your medical practice makes the transition to an electronic medical record (EMR), which is inevitable, careful planning can help the change go smoothly—and careful planning, in the context of EMR implementation, can be referred to as “change management”. Change management consists of up-front assessment and planning—but there’s much more involved than simply creating a […]

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