Are Your Financial Reports Lying To The CEO?

Does your current financial management system allow you to look at your business numbers from different angles? If not, your company may be making decisions based on reports that don’t tell the whole story. The ability to look at numbers from different angles is the key to fine tuning the business and remaining competitive.

Better information can transform your business
Your CEO may think that data is data, and that one report is a good as the next. Standard income statements and balance sheets provide the basic information that you need to determine whether the company is profitable…right?

But what if you could look at the data that builds the financial reports from different perspectives? Perspectives that could change the way you do business.

  • If you could match all revenues and costs for each client, applying a percentage of overhead to each, you could determine which are your most profitable clients, then determine ways to attract more like them.
  • If you could easily compare your inventory by volume and margin, you could see which products should get the most shelf space or web presence each week.
  • If you could accurately assign employee time and expense to projects, you could bid more accurately on the next project.
  • If you could analyze purchases from vendors across all your locations, you could consolidate purchases to get volume discounts.

The value of being able to analyze information from different angles is clear. Isn’t it time that you made the move to an ERP system that can deliver real business insight?

Make the case to your CEO
Examples like the ones above can help you make the case to your manager or CEO. Identify those areas of your operations that you believe could benefit from closer scrutiny. Explain specific benefits of centralized data that can be analyzed to spot trends and highlight exceptions.

We can help you as well. The Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions have the most flexible reporting and business intelligence functionality available today. Let us show you – and your CEO – what a difference ERP can make to your business.

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