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Cloud Email Using Google Apps and Microsoft Office

For companies interested in trying out cloud-based services, email maybe something worth trying. Here’s a breakdown of two options from two industry giants that may be worth considering. Google Apps Google Apps is a service from Google that started in 2006, with the introduction of Gmail—a hosted email service, and which later incorporated other apps […]

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Social Networking and Small Businesses: A Marriage Made in Heaven?

The advent of social networking these days gives smaller businesses a bigger voice in the market, allowing them to rise to a level nearly at par with their larger competitors – and elevating the playing field to a battle of efficiency, cost effectiveness, and quality service rather than advertising and marketing budgets. One of the […]

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Small Business Conquer Big World through Social Networking

It’s the dilemma of many smaller businesses lacking the budget for advertising that many of their bigger competitors have to be able to establish a better presence in a specific market. However, the rise of the use of social networks now allows these smaller firms to reach thousands to millions of people – at a […]

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How Social Networks Help Small Businesses have a Bigger Voice

Smaller businesses usually face the difficulty of having their voices heard in the market today. While traditional marketing and advertising methods cost a lot more than many of these firms can afford, an effective alternative has arisen that is both efficient and cost-effective: marketing through social networking. One of the most difficult challenges smaller businesses […]

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Display all available action options in the Windows Control Panel

In Windows 7, when you access the control panel window from the Start Menu, by default you open the window using the Category view, and what you see is a shortened list of possible actions you can do from the Control Panel screen. You can change the view to Icons to get a longer list, […]

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Why Cheap Routers/Firewalls Just Don’t Do The Trick

It is a misconception among many businesses that using a cheap, basic router/firewall is sufficient for day-to-day operations. But it is important to realize that there is more to it than just price – especially since more often than not, going cheap will only get you what you pay for (or maybe even less). In […]

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Your $100 Router/Firewall Might Not be the Good Deal You Think

While it is the concern of every business to be as cost-effective as possible, it is not a good idea to skimp on your investment in a proper and solid security system for your business data and information. For instance, cost-cutting on your router/firewall might seem like a good idea at the start, but in […]

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Cheap Firewalls: In the End, You Get What You Pay For

Part of establishing a proper security cordon around your business data is having the right hardware – like a router/firewall – to get the job done, and done well. Resorting to cheap and basic equipment might cut it for simple personal or home use, but it’s not ideal for business applications. In business, protecting important […]

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One More Reason to Go Electronic

Electronic evidence-based protocols used as a “shared baseline” at the patient bedside may help eliminate unnecessary medical care—and that can lead a health care entity down the road to being a top-performing organization, as one case study illustrates. IT plays a crucial role in preventing health-care-associated infections (HAIs), according to a new white paper from […]

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Which Smartphone Works Best for You?

With the mobile phone trend evolving into an all-around multimedia device, many people have seen the need to have a smartphone – for different reasons. That is why there are so many different smartphones that cater to different kinds of people with different needs and uses. It’s important to know what you need, and think […]

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