New Study Reveals Extent of Losses Due to Phishing Attacks

phishingTrusteer, a security solutions vendor, recently released the results of their study which shows how successful phishing attacks are, how many users respond to phishing attacks, and how many users submit their login information to criminal websites. The results are alarming. Among them:

  • Each phishing attack involves a very small percentage of customers (0.000564%), but due to the large number of phishing attacks, the aggregated number is significant
  • 45% of bank customers redirected to a phishing site divulge their personal credentials
  • 0.47% of bank customers fall victim to phishing attacks each year, translating to $2.4M-$9.4M in annual fraud losses per one million clients
  • Each financial institution was targeted, on average, by 16 phishing websites per week, translating to 832 phishing attacks per year per bank brand

Despite efforts by browser developers and security vendors to protect users from phishing attacks, a small number apparently are still able to bypass anti-spam/phishing protection – and when they do, the results can be damaging.

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